The Best Places To Visit In The Middle East In 2018

The Middle East has an intoxicating history. It’s the cradle of civilizations and a beautiful complicated land. Home to some of the most hospitable people. In this land of historical architectural, people will be the ones who live the longest in your memory along with the privilege of exploring.

High season run from June to August and crowds are generally smaller at main sights. With so many places to see it going to be a challenge just to pick one so choose the best Arab country to visit.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities on the planet earth and cultural center. Jerusalem got the great religious significance, its old city has some of the holiest sites for Jews, Muslims and for Christians.

Tel Aviv

But it also has enormous political significance. Most Israelis see Jerusalem as their eternal undivided capital and their jewel.

Petra, Jordan

One of the Unesco heritage site. The ancient rose-colored City of Petra was established some say 3000 years ago. While it became famous for its treasury many of its wonders remains untouched while visitors are passing by the historic facade.

The Roman road, Royal thumbs curbed into the mountainside and many other sights are here to be seen.

Dead Sea, Israel

It was the ancient Romans who named this place the dead see. A majestic body of deep blue water. So salty that no fish or plants live in its mineral-rich waters. Some 1300 ft under sea level it is the lowest surface on the earth. Dead see is about eight times saltier than the ocean, so the water is incredibly dense and that makes it the easiest place in the world to stay flow.

Bethlehem, Israel

Just across the Israel, Palestine border from Jerusalem, stands Bethlehem. While the most Palestinians can’t cross this border foreign visitors, generally breeze throw.


The West Bank is opened for adventures travelers and you certainly won’t find any tourist crowd. Bethlehem skyline is a commotion of both crescents and crosses, which is a reminder that in the mostly Muslim city, there are also a Christians.

Beirut, Lebanon

Everyone who has ever driven in this city can testify its reputation for being chaotic, loud and gridlocked. But right off the main streets lies secret city full of charm and vibrancy that awaits.

Architectural salvage yard it is in the center of Hamazy, very trendy and contemporary young district of Beirut. It is best known for capturing and restoring Beirut’s old soul.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor temple is located right in the middle of the city. The best thing about this temple is its compact size and the fact that you got three different civilizations all represented at the sight. By avenue of swing, it is connected to Karnak temple. And last but not least you have a Valley of the king’s, place where the king was buried. Absolutely stunning place, hidden from the eye of the camera.