The 10 Best Countries To Visit In Your Lifetime

Traveling around the world is one of those activities that inspire us and ͞charge our batteries͟ especially when we meet new cultures and customs. Throughout your life, you have, at least once, asked yourself: What country should I visit? Well, it is hard to point out just one country, so we prepared the list with 10 best countries that you must visit.


The home of Romans is one of the most interesting countries in the world and hosts many objects from the Renaissance era. Florence, Rome, Venice and beautiful cuisine will definitely make you smile once you come to the Italy. Don’t forget to learn Italian as it is very melodic language.


Buddhist caves, Kashmir and Mumbai are one of the first things that cross our mind when we mention India. Learn meditation, see the amazing wildlife or visit Goa, where the psy-trance music came from! Enjoy in incredible India! Nepal Want to reach the roof of the world with the help of Sherpa people.


Explore Himalayan landscapes while trekking and learn a few things about happiness as Nepalese people know how to find a balance in life. Enjoy the nature with tigers, elephants and rhinos!


The home of Rising Sun is the architectural and technical marvel that hosts more than 120 million people. The technical upgrades and the latest gadgets are always on the showcase in this country, just choose the favorite city you would like to visit. We recommend Tokyo tour and tour to the Fuji.


The warm climate and golden sand beaches, together with historic cities and rich cultural heritage, Spain can offer you a great adventure. The country offers one of the best night lives in the whole world! Barcelona, Madrid or Tenerife – choose your favorite place and enjoy!


If you like the mix of French, Persian, Arab and African culture, then head to Morocco as you will be amazed by surrealist landscapes and fascinating mosques.


Visit the largest marketplace in Marrakech and lose yourself in the blue city of Chefchaouen.

New Zealand

If you ever come here, you will fall in love with this country due to breath-taking landscapes! Snow mountains, springs and the symbiosis of European and Maori culture make the country unreal sometimes. No wonder The Lord Of The Rings was filmed here.


In case you like high temperatures and wildlife, Kenya is your choice. See leopards, lions and elephants while traveling across the country and spend time on pristine white beaches and enjoy in the Indian Ocean. Discover the tribes in Chalbi desert and see how they managed to stay out of the influence of the modern world.


The lights of Bangkok lure all tourists to explore this old country while visiting Buddhist temples, wildlife conservations and tasting the amazing cuisine! Thai food is simply irresistible! Enjoy in few different climates in this country!

Netherlands Thinking of Van Gogh’s museum, Heineken factory, coffee shops and Red Light District? This liberal country offers more than that – thousands of small villages that will make you feel like Don Quixote and beautiful parks that offer a leisure in one of the best European countries.