The Top 3 Locations In Europe That You Must Visit

Europe is full of hidden gems and treasures and every type of traveler will find a place that they like and that they will always like come back to. Depending on what you like, you can choose from high-quality cities that are the signs of the significant moments in the history of our world, to poorly-developed countries where the time stands and does not go clockwise.

We will present you the top three locations, with the best recommendations what to visit in these locations.

Hvar Island

Croatia has recently been jumping on the scale of the favorite places in Europe, especially for those who like islands. The country offers sea-city destinations like Zadar, Dubrovnik, Opatija, Split and Roving and all of these are special and unique, and each of these cities offer a unique experience and things to see and experience.

But when it comes to islands, which are in abundance here, Hvar island took over 30,000 votes online and became the favorite European island in 2018. With lavish landscape, limpid water and cultural heritage, Hvar should be the capital of Croatia.


This island offers many treasures that you need to explore and we recommend Franciscan monastery and the Hvar’s fortress as the two primary destinations. Don’t forget to check the blue cave, but also spend time walking down the lavender fields that are located just above the Old City.

Seasonal products, made by local people, will amaze you, as you will have a chance to enjoy in the hospitality of the inhabitants who, sometimes too much, adore to drink and taste wines. Also, we recommend you to pay a visit to Split, as it is close to Hvar and hosts the real Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle.

Milan, Italy

There is no need to spend too many words on this city as it is definitely one of the best cities in the world! Italy is home to many churches and cathedrals, so Milan does not lack any. Santa Maria delle Grazie Church is one of those sights that you cannot skip! Besides, you will find a great shopping experience here, as the Italians are known for their fashion. Do not forget to eat pizza in Pizza Am, if you want to try authentic Italian pizza.

The breath-taking architecture is all around, as soon as you get out of your hotel, and you will enjoy in the beautiful buildings that are written boldly in the world’s history!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is for everyone, whether you are going to visit it with your wife, a girlfriend, or with a group of friends who like to experience new things and adventures. Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, Margaret Island are only a few names that you must remember when you plan to visit this beautiful city on the Danube river.

We recommend you tours with the boat on the Danube as you will achieve a totally new perspective of this city. The Parliament of Budapest represents one of the trademarks of this city, so make sure you visit it!