Best Way To See The Best Of Ireland In 5 Days

Ireland is a country with a beautiful and colorful nature. So when you decided the way to spend your time here you should always choose a car as a way of transportation and also exploration. Because car offers you like no other mean of transportation possibility to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

And also have in my that is the fastest way to travel. Having a week in this paradise is ideal, but you can cover a lot of ground in 5 days in Ireland must see, so here is what you have to see.

The fact that Ireland is only around 300 km at its widest, so you will be able to go from its north to south in just one day. As your first destination, you should choose Dublin.


In Dublin you if you are a beer lover you should visit the temple which a whole neighborhood filled with pubs. There you can enjoy live music and the cheery crowd.

Ireland Coast

Also, you should know that is is a really popular destination, Dublin itself, so expect a lot of tourists. Guinness factory is a must-see attraction in this city, and also suggest you should hop on hop buses to get easier to tourist attractions.


Next city on your route is for sure Waterford. The oldest city on the island, which has a Waterford crystal factory. Tour of the factory includes meeting a people who work there, a Waterford cutter, who spend almost a decade in training for that job is a thing to admire.

When you are done with visiting the local museums you should get to the English market. That is the oldest market In Europe.


While driving you should always have in mind that in Ireland there is a great possibility of raining, so never hesitate to stop and have a lunch in some charming little pub that comes on your way and wait for the rain to settle down.


On your next stop should be Limerick, the dashing city that offers insight into its rightful history. Here you can find many medieval castles, churches that give this city a peaceful note.


Next, on you stop should definitely be Moher and it’s worldwide famous cliffs. The cliffs of Moher are almost a religious destination for tourist and bear in mind you will spend here a couple of hours wandering around this gorgeous sight but don’t despair when you leave because the whole year spent here would not be enough to comprehend the beauty of it.


To end your five days visit as the last city should always be Galway. It a charmful and colorful city, where vivid shops and buskers just add sparkles to it. When in Ireland you should never pass on beer so be sure to visit many of its pubs where you can also dine richly. Whether you have a month or five days free you should always choose Ireland.