Sri Lanka, especially In the city of Colombo, offers great many activities that are available all the time, and you will have no problem finding one that is sutiable to you. There are several activities that werecommend, especially to the newcomers who want to explore the new enviroment.

You can always goon your own and explore without anyone’s help, butwedo recommend you using a tour guide for the better experience. Sri Lanka activitiesare numerous and always open, so you need only to choose where and what to do.


Another souvenir of southern Sri Lanka is a batik garment or wall-hanging. The artof batik-making was imported from Indonesia by the Dutch inthe 16th century. Since then, the craft has developed a distinctive Sri Lankan flavour, a charming character of its own. Batik is made using pure, natural fibres such as cotton, linen or silk.


The fabric is waxed and dyed to create intricate patterns or scenes, some from the Jataka – a volume of folklore concerning the previous lives of the Buddha. A dazzling 20m-long batik is used to decorate the elephant carrying the casket of the Sacred Tooth Relic during the annual Kandy Esala Perahara.

Gems and Jewellery

Once you have sated your appetite at the shopping malls, watch out for the jewellery shops. Around 800BC the Romans incorporated rubies obtained from the island in their jewellery.

Later on the islanders realized that they were missing out on the value addition of gems, so they became some of the finest jewellers in the world.


Woodwork takes pride of place with many intricately carved figurines, plaques and trays; while brass,silver and mixed metal is used to make beautiful mirrors, picture frames, letter openers and serviette rings. There.s also leather-work like wallets, purses and belts, and reed-work like mats, food baskets,and shopping bags that are enchanting in their simplicity. In addition, check out the elegant wall-hangings that are made in Dumbara near Kandy.

Night Life

Colombo has many bars and clubs featuring very reasonable bands playing western rock, pop and jazz, as well asDJs playing the latest house, hip-hop and R&B tunes.

Naturally, peak activity isat weekends, but every night of the week there is usually some attraction that attracts tourists and occupies their time. Leisure is the best anti-stress program, so find you favorite music and try domestic drinks with the sounds of modern world!


Meditation involves the self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind. Most meditative techniques emerged from Eastern religious practices, particularly Sri Lanka, India, China, and Japan.

Aimed at cleansing the mind of impurities such as hatred, ill will, indolence, worries and cultivating qualities such as concentration, will power, energy, self-confidence, mental happiness, contentment andpeace of mind, meditation centres could help a person achieve the required happiness and achieve mental peace.


Which type of meditation you will use, depends totally on you. Sri Lanka practices many forms/ types of meditation. The most popular form of meditation practiced is the Vipassana which means Insight. The other form is known as Samatha or Samadhi, which is mainly the development of mental concentration. A visitor of any religious belief could practice methods of meditation as it gives the balance of your mind and body.

Taste the great cuisine

As many tourists come from all around the world, you can choose from different cuisines, ranging from: Continental, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Thai and Japanese. We recommend some unique Sri Lankan specialties like string hoppers. Have in mind that deserts could be very sweet, as rice and coconut are the main ingredients for sweets.

Pineapple, papaya, banana are available throughout year and you cannot find any better fruit than here. Seafood is another symbol of Sri Lanka and you will enjoy in fresh tuna, shrimps, lobster and crabs. There is no way that you will not find something for your taste!