As a team of experienced backpackers and travelers that went around the world with a few pennies in the pocket, we wanted to launch this site to help you find your favorite adventure. The most of our time consisted of paying the visit to exotic locations and wildlife natures, but we did have time for some European capitals that are glistening and sparkling with the appealing lights and high tech buildings.

We try to present the most appealing locations from the northern part of our Earth to southern parts, offering you the best deals and suggestions for your quality time in those cities and lands. We also offer promotions for the trips that are organized by our partnership travel companies, alongside with the tips that you should consider when visiting a certain place.

As we had a chance to travel almost everywhere, we also give you the basic information on some places that are considered to be a bit odd, so you could know where to go.

Our adventures forged the friendships that we have almost in every city on the planet. Therefore, we can give you genuine and first-hand information.