6 Useful Tips For Your Travel Adventure

Through years of traveling, we managed to come up with the few essential tips that you must have in mind before you set out on an adventure. Our experience, which had a lot of bad moments that taught us a lesson, is rich and therefore we want to share with you the essential and useful tips so you could make your travel safe and pleasant.

Flexibility is a must

Our life does not function without some kind of plan, so we all have plans for our adventure too. However, things sometimes just won’t go as you want, and you have to accept that fact.


Equip yourself with a patience and always be flexible. Do not allow anything to take you out of the track, just because you could not catch the ferry that transports to the nearby island. Wait till the next one and do not allow anything to irritate you – remember you are on the adventure.

Do not start without a list

Making a list is a great way to make sure you don’t forget something. Our experience has shown that you forget items that you do not put on the list. When you think of a certain item, write it down on the list so you don’t forget it.

It is a psychology thing and it is impossible to forget something when you have a list with items you need to take.

Know local language

As you know, when a foreigner comes to your country, you appreciate him/her much more in case they speak your language. Therefore, don’t forget to learn, at least simple phrases, few basic sentences so you could chat with the locals and maybe buy something at lower prices.

Young woman tourist enjoys the ocean view in Mt Maunganui

Local people always appreciate when you are trying to understand their customs, and especially when you are able to talk to them in their language. Sometimes, this is more than necessary, as there are countries where English language is not so popular.

Do not travel without travel insurance

It does not have to mean that something bad will happen, but you need to be prepared for an emergency case. Once you find yourself in the emergency situations, you will not have time to think about the insurance, so make sure you travel with one, just to have in case of an emergency.

Make a copy of important documents

Always, make sure you make a copy of your passport, airplane ticket and travel insurance or any other important document. In case you lose your original passport, you are eligible to cross to country’s border if you are able to show the copy of your document.

It does not cost you too much, but it saves a lot of money for you in case you lose your document.

Talk to local people

When you get to a place you have never visited before, you want to know a good place to eat and sleep. Always search the Internet, but we also recommend you talking to local people as they know the place better than any website. They could give you also the discounts, especially if you are able to speak their language.